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This Weeks Fishing Tip

January 18, 2015
Fishing tip

The lake level is 550.6 and the water temp is in the mid 40's. The main lake is pretty clear and the creeks are clearing up. Look for the stripers close to the river channel and the deeper creek channels in 30-100ft. Find the baitfish and they will be close by. Sometimes they are right in the schools of bait so get your bait or jigging spoon to them. The hybrids and some nice whites are mixed in along with the stripers. Bass are hitting a flat tail grub on a 1/4 oz. jighead. Try along the bluffs and out on the end of the bluff. Cast it out and let it fall and slowly pump it a few times and if you don't get bit reel it up  and throw it out again. Sometimes they will hit it on the fall so watch your line for that little jump in the line. There are some fish up on the banks and will hit a wigglewart. They are also hitting jigs  30-40ft. deep. If you see a school drop a jigging spoon or try a dropshot.























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